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I generally use Memorex CD-RW to burn data and music. However - I do have times where I burn music to a CD and it does not play on my car CD player. I recently purchased a full CD/album on I-Tunes, downloaded to my Mac, burned it to a CD, put in my car and no good. Burned another still no good. I know the car CD player is operable as I played a few CD's since - both Memorex and non. Just wondering if anyone has luck with a specific brand where you burn and you can play the music CD in other machines with success.


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    Well I've never had a problem with a CD not working. I always just buy the biggest and cheapest stack of them I can find from any "brand name" that is well known. Best Buy always has huge stacks of them for like $10 now from various brands.

    Did you use iTunes to burn the CD? Does the CD play in your Mac or another CD drive?

    CDs aren't obsolete, I use them all the time! (Especially the car when I'm bored of Sirius.)
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    I had CD's not work after burning data and music. I use I-Tunes to burn all of my music - after I download the music, I then burn it to CD. And yes the 2 bad CD's I mentioned earlier do work in my Mac and another CD player --- looks like the one in my car does not like either of the CD's I just burned.
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    If you're burning an audio CD, it's usually best to avoid CD-RW disks. They often have problems. Try a name-brand CD-R disk and see if that makes a different. I've had good results with Verbatim and Sony. I'd suggest avoiding Memorex; I've historically had the highest number of failures with Memorex of any name brand.
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    Ok --- that you for the information.