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I have phone extensions in my address book like this: 000-000-0000, ext. 000

With my blackberry, they came right in. After the phone number dialed, an extension dialog box would pop up giving me the option of the extension or to "skip" (in case I decided I would rather type in another extension).

The iPhone syncs and brings these extensions in as part of the number, and AT&T won't dial the number. How do I enter extensions in Mac Address Book so they'll come over to iPhone contacts properly?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
  • Dynamite DJs Level 4 (1,095 points)
    If entering the number on your computer, use a comma ( , ). If entering on your iPhone, tap the + * # button then tap pause
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    Dynamite, thanks

    This is such an essential feature - the way to input extensions to phone numbers - both in Address Book and into your iPhone Contacts, that I can't imagine why after searching the help menus I have to come digging here to find this out. This information should be readily available in all info published about entering phone numbers in your iPhone or your Address Book.
  • julieda Level 2 (270 points)
    This is covered in the User's Manual (page #38 - Enter a Pause In a Number)
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    Thanks to all who replied. Just FYI, I found the reference on page 98 of the iPhone manual that's currently online in the Support area.