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Hello Everybody
I recently had to reload my operating system on my PC running Vista. I've downloaded iTunes. How can I move all my apps. over to iTunes from the phone. Currently, I have no apps in iTunes because of the operating system recovery to get the computer back to factory original. I'm afraid if I sync, I'll loose all my apps, because the iPhone will sync an empty iTunes to my iPhone. Just trying to get all my free and purchased apps. back to iTunes.
Thanks for the help

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    Your apps will transfer over as they are purchased content. However, if you have any problems you can download the apps again from the iTunes store for free so long as you use the same iTunes account.
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    They may transfer as PinkLouise states, but they may not, since the iPhone may prompt you that you are connecting to a new computer and all your iTunes content will be deleted and replaced with the (empty) content of the new computer. If so, note down the apps you have and re-download them in iTunes. Be sure to Authorize the computer (Store menu) and Sign In to your iTunes account. Note that for paid apps you must click Buy - you'll be offered a free download after that, as described in this kbase article: