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I am on the stage to use my Apple ID with my Itunes account, so its asking me confirm my information via security code. So I do so, enter the 3 digits on the back of my card, it tells me to enter a valid one. I would my IQ is high enough for me to manage entering 3 digits. After some google'ing I found this: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1646. Which actually made sense, because the information was different then the information already provided from my Apple ID. So I type in my adress EXACTLY (caps included, title and full name as it appears on the credit card). Still getting the same "please enter a valid security code." I phoned apple help, but they told me Itunes doesn't have phone support and offered no help of his own except "wait."

Dell XPS 630
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    Well I tried creating a brand new email and new apple ID, still no luck. So I guess I don't get apps for my Ipod touch?
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    Ugh, if you have 2 Apple IDs you are forever going to have to remember the login credentials for both....I don't recommend it.

    Sometimes that error message about the security code is bogus. Try typing over every field, your name, street address, all of it, and see if it takes. Sometimes it's the zipcode or something else and the error message just falls back onto the security code reason.

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