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I've recently experienced painfully slow downlink (download) speed using Airport Express.
My WiFi configuration:
- main router: WRT54G connected to my provider (speed limit: 4Mbit up/down link),
- AirPort Express with WiFi N and Airtunes hooked up to stereo in living room,
- AirPort Express WiFi G and Airtunes connected to stereo on bedroom.

Second Airport is currently not used to simplify tests and description of my problem.

The problem: when connecting from MacBook to Airport Express I can't reach more than approx. 512kbit downloading from internet, usually even 300kbit, while uplink reaches easily 2.5Mbit (limited probably by my network provider). While connected to WRT54G I can get 2.5 up to 4Mbit downlink, same when using cable directly plugged in to WRT54G.
I tried changing channels, switching different options in Airport with no effect - still getting pathetic download speeds. Even worse - browsing experience is awful, with frequent slowdowns, etc.
I tried different encryption methods, and seems like only switching it off at all (unprotected network) seems to let my Airport work on full speed (2.5Mbits symmetrically up/down, up to 4Mbits - provider speed limit) - which is unacceptable, I refuse to set up and use unprotected network at home.
Problem is clearly in Airport or in interaction between Airport and Macbook. I've just ran out of ideas - can you help me?

MacBook Black 2.2GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.6)