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Hi all,

I've found a lot of topics so far about this but my problem is not quite the same. I have an Airport extreme set up with my iMac and since I've upgraded to Leopard (i think it's since then) i have a yellow light blinking on the base station, and my Airport icon in the top right of the screen often loses black strips to grey and sometimes loses complete signal.

The thing is that everywhere I read about this topic, people were unable to access the web which is not a problem for me. But the base station continually blinks the yellow light even while I surf the net. Later, I may have a slow connection. If I turn Airport off and then on again, I get my speed back. But sometimes, it doesn't turn on again for an hour or a day!!! This does get frustrating.

The Airport utility in the Utilities folder cannot be opened as it is no longer supported by the new architecture.

Have I installed something improperly... can one of the kids inadvertently have changed a setting OK, it's maybe me :o(

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.6)