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Hey All,

I work for a school district and we're in the process of slowly moving all of our clients over to 10.5. For the most part, everything works great. There's only one major problem with one component...home folder syncronization.

We have all our teacher's configured so that their Documents folder and Firefox profile (to back up bookmarks) is automatically synced to their home folder on the respective school's file server (A Win2k3 server). This has worked without a hitch under Tiger. Unfortunately, it's not working so well under Leopard. The problem is that when a teacher logs in or logs out, the home sync process syncs every single file each and every time. This is a HUGE problem especially when it comes to teachers who have a gig plus in their documents folder and they're connected to the network via wireless.

I'm using Workgroup Manager to apply the settings for syncronization (so that ONLY the Documents folder and Firefox profile syncs)

What changed in Leopard to cause this issue?

Mixture of 10.4 and 10.5 Macs