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I have been experiencing audio volume fluctuation during playback. This is occuring during a single song, not across songs. The volume level can rise and fall quite dramatically. I do not have volume leveling turned on. Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

iTunes, Windows Vista, MSI P7N motherboard with built in sound device
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    Is the song purchased through iTunes? Or a CD Rip you did yourself?
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    The songs have all been CD's I ripped as far as I can recall. I re-ripped one CD in particular but still had the same issue afterwards. I never had this issue when using MP3's. I have been converting my library to AAC format since getting my iPhone. I like the smaller file size of the AAC versions but might switch back to MP3's if I cannot solve this issue. Also, I've never had this problem with Windows Media Player.

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    every producer sets the recording volume to whatever they think will work best for the recording. volume fluctuation is normal and more noticable as your library grows. enabling sound check in preferences on the playback tab will set all sound levels to the same level. i found that this can interfere with certain albums such as pink floyd's the wall that has very high highs and very quiet lows on purpose so when the album plays and the track changes, you will get sudden drops or sudden increases in volume. to me occasional differences in volume is far less annoying. and you do have a volume knob.
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    Perhaps you should re-read my response to Vixen~of~Venus. I am not talking about volume changes when tracks change. The volume level changes during the playback of a single song. One moment it will be fine and the next it's blaring loud. And yes, I do have a volume knob so I turn the volume down. But then the volume will drop to the point where I can't hear the song anymore.

    I fully know and expect volume level differences when switching tracks, which can happen even on the same album. I do not have the "Sound Check" enabled. Also, as I said earlier, this has only started happening since I switched to using the AAC audio format. I did not have this issue playing MP3's in either Windows Media Player or iTunes.
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    Have you tried playing the AAC files in another program? Do they also play back this way on the iPod?

    If they do play back this way ... it sounds as if iTunes didn't do a very good job converting them to AAC (or whatever program you used to convert them to AAC).

    I also prefer AAC to MP3 for iPod usage. What settings did you use to convert them with?