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Surbrook Level 1 Level 1
I have some old Claris Resolve files that I'd like to access. Is there anyone out there who might be able to help? I run OS X and there's nothing that will translate them, not even CanOpener or MacLink Plus.

Any help?

G5, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
  • Don Archibald Level 10 Level 10
    Hi, Surbrook -

    I, too, have that problem, though within OS 9. For years I used Resolve when I needed to set up a spereadsheet for something. A gew uears without using it and a migration or two to a different computer, and I found myself with old Resolve files but no Resolve application.

    I just tried again to open those files somehow in AppleWorks, including changing the File Type and Creator codes to those for an AW spreadsheet - no go.

    Suggest that if you still have access to a machine running OS 9, that you install Resolve on it, use it to open those files, then do a Save As to convert them to the SYLK file format - that's a standard cross-platform format, one which should be openable by most any spreadsheet program or program module.
  • Surbrook Level 1 Level 1
    The problem is I have no access to OS 9 or the Claris Resolve application. MacLinkPlus doesn't help, and neither does CanOpener. I was hoping someone might have an system running OS 9 and certain legacy apps that I could send the files to for translation to a simple RTF export.
  • Texas Mac Man Level 8 Level 8
    MarinerCalc 5.x may be able to open. I believe you can download & try a demo.

     Cheers, Tom

  • Don Archibald Level 10 Level 10
    Hi, Surbrook -

    On a hunch I tried using BBEdit (Lite) with a Resolve file. It can open most any text file, and others - but displays only the text-based contents. It would not recognize a Resolve file as openable via the Open command (File menu), but responded positively when I dropped the Resolve file onto its icon.

    BBEdit did make the text-only info in the Resolve file available, such as the contents of any cell which were pure text. However, the contents of all cells which had formulas were displayed as gibberish. This is unfortunate, since the contents of those cells are the meat of the spreadsheet.

    With luck someone who still has Resolve available will read this thread and offer their assistance.
  • Simon Teale Level 5 Level 5
    It appears that Resolve was all on it's own, with regard to import / export features. Even ClarisWorks 2.1 spreadsheet module, which was the Claris replacement for it, didn't import it. According to the old rumours, it would have delayed the release of CW2.1.

    I was an Excel 2.2 user so I can't judge, but by all accounts I've read, Excel has only recently caught up.

    Another rumour I found was that Resolve was a re-badged version of Wingz, after Claris bought the codebase. I've found Wingz here;


    So now "all" you need is a System 7 (or earlier) emulator, perhaps mini vMac, and a prayer that Wingz can open your Resolve documents.
  • Surbrook Level 1 Level 1
    Yeah, that's the problem. The text fields mostly come though, but the parts I really need -- the formulas are gibberish.


    Never again will I use a spreadsheet for character sheets.
  • Texas Mac Man Level 8 Level 8
    You can possibly buy a copy of Claris Resolve at this site. http://noappleistoooldforus.com/macplus.html Then you would just need an old Mac to run it.

     Cheers, Tom