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  • asaini0603 Level 1 Level 1
    i just got an audi with the sd card slot and whenever i put the card in, it says the data is corrupted. how do you put the .mp3 files on the sd card? i have it under
    Untitled (card name)--> MUSIC (folder name)--> then the different files

    should i change it so that its
    Untitled (card name)--> then the different files
    ??? thanks for the help
  • casper_lykke Level 1 Level 1
    Hi asaini0603,

    If you want to just listen to music in your Audi with minimum control over your track - then yes - just put your mp3 files straight on the SD card with no other Folders.

    To get Maximum control over your music in your car download "iTuneMyWalkman" - you can download it from this URL:

    With this program you'll be able to take the playlists and artist names, album names and so on from iTunes and you can then view them on your screen in your Audi. If you do have the right sound system. Mine is a Audi/Bose sound system and think it's called "Navigation Plus".

    If you have any questions about this or need other help regarding this I'll do my best to help.

    Hope this for answer enough for now

    Take cake.
  • David Gee1 Level 1 Level 1
    Photos for Mac

    Have exactly the same issue as you. I have down loaded iTunemywalkman, but can't get it to export to an SD card, Can you or anyone else let me know what settings I should use?

    If any one else knows of any other way of exporting a playlist as M3U I'd be delighted to hear.

    Many thanks
  • casper_lykke Level 1 Level 1
    Hi David,

    It's working fine for me now. Open iTuneMyWalkman and push the top left button saying "Edit Preferences".
    In the new screen you get a lot of choices - in General press Change and choose the location of your SD Card.

    My other settings in the "Playlists" window is "Sync Music" "From selected playlists:" and then I've ticked the button at the bottom and chosen "Unicode (UTF-8)" from the drop down menu.
    Now choose the different playlists you've made in iTunes which you wanna export to your card.
    Press "Save" and you'll get back to the other screen.
    Now press the top right button "Synchronize Now".

    It may take some time, when I did it the first time I thought the program had locked - just be patient.

    Hope this was a detailed enough answer and good luck...
  • David Gee1 Level 1 Level 1
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    Thanks Casper,

    Hmmm, that's what I did.

    I did leave it going overnight just to be sure, but still hung at "collecting data from iTunes" this morning. (with quite a short "test" playlist)

    I think I may need to go back to the app website at MIT and see if there is anything there.

    Thanks for your help to date,


    PS. Pls ignore the other thread, I'll just use this one now. Cheers D.
  • casper_lykke Level 1 Level 1
    Hi David,

    I've read both your replies and am really surprised that it's not working. I really don't know what other changes that I could have made...

    When I said be patient I meant for like 10 minutes or so... LOL

    The only other way I can help would be to send you some screen shots of each window / tab...
    I was looking for your mail address in your profile but it's hidden. I'll make my own visible forthe weekend and if you want some screenshots just sent me a wee mail. I'll have tomake them first and I'm busy all day Fri/Sat but I'll get them to you by 11pm Sun night (Danish time).

    The only other thing I could see it would be is that you're running Tiger and I'm running Leopard...
    Though, shouldn't really make a huge difersnce unless the program is made for Leopard ¿¿

    Kind regards,

  • David Gee1 Level 1 Level 1
    Photos for Mac
    Thanks Casper,

    I've taken a note of your email and will drop you a line this evening (I,m UK so the time diff is not too bad)

    To keep the thread up to date for anyone else reading this, I have posted an error message on the authors home page, and will post back anything that comes of that.

    Also, other research on my Audi SD audio system (technicaly called RNS-E) reveals that the maximum size card recomended is 2Gb, (SDHC cards will not work at all) and that the software does not like dealing with any characters other than standard ASCII letters and numbers.

    Just thought that may be useful to anyone finding this thread by a search.

  • Backmarker Level 1 Level 1
    Thought I'd better post my experience.

    I purchased the Parrot MKi9200 to use in my Volvo V70. It allows you to listen to music from a number of sources including SD card.

    I downloaded itunesmywalkman as recommended by casper and the result has been mixed.

    The first problem was that the Parrot only plays mp3 or WMA files.

    iTunes imports using AAC which is mp4 or m4a as Apple choses to call it.

    Within itunesmywalkman is the facility to convert m4a into mp3. Having checked this tab I noticed the conversion process taking place. For some reason though it didn't do it for all the tracks in my playlist.

    I can not understand why. It has converted some of those purchased from iTunes but not others, and converted some of the imported CD's but not others.

    I will keep experimenting but if anyone can suggest the cause of the problem ( and the solution ) then please feel free to say so
  • casper_lykke Level 1 Level 1
    Hi Backmarker,

    iTunes import in the format you set it to import.
    Go to: iTunes -> Preferences
    in the Preferences window under General it says "when you insert a CD" then a drop-down menu and after that a button saying "import settings" - press that and you'll get quite a few options for the format you'd like to import your tracks in.

    Now, after changing that to Mp3 you can convert all your tracks in your library to Mp3 by highlighting them -> right click and press "create Mp3 version". I've done this to my entire library cause Mp3 is a much more used media than AAC, WAV or AIFF - in my opinion.

    Be aware that if you do this you will not just convert your file but make a copy in the new format. you can afterwards easily delete the ones you don't want.

    If you need more help on the topic, feel free to leave another comment...

    Hope you get it to work.

    P.S. One question for you - did itunemywalkman work fine for you at all? It seems it's not working for David at all, just trying to figure the reason. Saw that you are running OSX 10.5.5 like me.
    Will look forward to your response.

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  • Backmarker Level 1 Level 1
    Hi Casper,

    Thanks for the prompt response.

    I'd done a search on here about converting m4a's to mp3's and like you say, it's possible to do this in iTunes as described.

    Perhaps a little off topic, but once I've made the mp3 copy and transferred this to my iTMW playlist I find that when I delete the mp3 copy from the Library, it also deletes it from the iTMW playlist. I don't want 2 copies of each song so how can I delete the mp3 version from the Library but keep it in the iTMW playlist?

    iTunesMyWalkman seems to have worked fine for me except for this inexplicable reason to convert some tracks to mp3 but not others. A couple of albums are DRM protected so I can understand why they failed, but others are not so I'm unsure whether its an iTMW software problem or some other reason

  • casper_lykke Level 1 Level 1
    Ciao Backmarker,

    No probs, was at the comp. anyway...

    I don't think you can delete the mp3 file without deleting it entirely from your library. You could convert the files you'd like on your SD card - put them in your playlist - transfer them through iTMW and then delete them.

    Unless the files in your library is of the kind "Apple Loosless" and you want to keep this quality, why not just keep the mp3's and delete the other kind you have?

    That's what I have done.

    Anytime mate.
  • Backmarker Level 1 Level 1
    Hi Casper,

    Like you, I thought that was the way forward. I've created the mp3 playlist (98 songs) and added them to the SD card. I've then deleted the mp3 files preferring to keep the m4a files as these are supposed to be of better quality.

    Sadly not all of the album artwork has transferred over so I may have to try again.

    Thanks for your help
  • casper_lykke Level 1 Level 1
    Hi Backmarker,

    Great, sounds like your problem has been solved then, easy way to get the Album artworks is highlighting the songs in your playlist - right click and press "Get Album Artwork", also remember that your thing for your Volvo might only read certain id3 tags, if that's the case there's a guide earlier on this post on how to change that.

    Good luck, and glad to hear it seems to work now
  • RicC Level 1 Level 1
    Hi folks - just looking for some relevant advice. I've followed the instructions/advice above but when I try to sync I get the error message:

    Applescript error - The variable «class lnfd» is not defined. (-2753)

    Any ideas or suggestions?


  • casper_lykke Level 1 Level 1
    Hi RicC,

    I just found a page that might be to your help.
    Have a look at: comments

    Seems to be an issue with Tiger and looks like a new version of iTuneMyWalkman will be released in a few days, didn't read it all but have a look for yourself.

    Good luck