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I have 2 iPhone devices & 1 itunes. I am trying to update the software on one iPhone, however, when I connect it to my current iTunes it does not recignize any apps or music so it opts to delete it....is there a way to set up 2 devices on one iTunes or how do I set up multiple accounts so I can update & sync the phones on the same computer?

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    You can sync multiple devices to s single computer. Personally, I sync 2 iPhone 3Gs, an iPod Touch, and several other iPods to the same computer.

    On the phone where you see the message about deletion, is this the first time you've synced that phone to this computer? If so, that's normal - the iPhone is designed to sync iTunes media content (music/videos/apps) to one and only one computer.

    Alternatively, you mention you are updating the iPhone - for most updates, iTunes will perform a Restore of the iPhone as part of the update, so all of the content will be deleted and re-loaded in the sync that follows the update; that's normal.
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    Make sure the phones have different names. If one of them was previously synced to a different computer then syncing to this computer will replace content from the old computer with the new one.

    If you have different iTunes accounts the easiest way is to create separate user accounts on the computer, each with its own iTunes library. If you share an iTunes account this is not necessary.