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I have been unable to get my phone to discover my Samsung bluetooth earpiece. Is there something I am not doing?

  • neuroanatomist Level 7 Level 7 (31,690 points)
    Did you put the headset in discoverable mode? You may need to check the instructions, but the usual method is to turn the headset off, then press the button to turn it on, but keep holding the button until you hear a distinctive tone/see a flashing light/etc. to indicate that the headset is in discoverable mode. It should remain that way for ~5 min. Then, on the iPhone go to Settings > General > Bluetooth, make sure it's ON, and then select the headset in the devices list. The standard PIN code is 0000, but again you may need to check the manual for your headset.
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    The devices list never pulls up a list of headsets.
  • neuroanatomist Level 7 Level 7 (31,690 points)
    In that case, there's one of three issues:

    1) you are not correctly/successfully putting the headset into discoverable mode. Did you check the instructions or call Samsung tech support?

    2) the iPhone Bluetooth is defective. Has it ever paired with a headset? You may need to call AppleCare or visit an Apple Store.

    3) you don't state the headset model - is this an single earpiece/microphone combo for voice calls, or is this a stereo headset for listening to music? If it's the latter, those do not work with the iPhone (the iPhone supports only the headset and hands-free BT profiles for voice calls, not the A2DP profile for music).
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    I will call Samsung tech support because I do not know how to put it in discoverable mode. The iPhone has never been paired with a headset, so I will visit an Apple Store. This is a single earpiece, so it should work. Right?
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    If you know the Samsung model # you can search the Web and maybe find instructions there.
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    I have a plantronics voyager 520 that worked fine with my g1 iPhone. I could not get it to pair with my new g3- like many, it just kept searching, although my bluetooth was flashing red and blue and ready to be found! Last night I googled the problem and on one of the boards a reader had the same problem but finally got it paired, and said he just kept trying. I did last night to no avail but today it found it first try. The reply (and it may have been on this board) said he had success when he laid both phone and bluetooth on a flat surface and tried several times. It worked for me. Finally.
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    A little advice for you, try googling something before you call tech support, it might save you time and a headache of having to deal with them.