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i just got a wd sharespace nat,i cant login into it with my old power mac g5 using tiger but i cant with my later 08 mac book pro with leopard,i get into the login screen and when i type the old pass and new it just goes back into the login screen im thinking about paying wd for the tech support but if it does'nt concern the external drive they may not help me

macbook pro/power mac g5, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    I had the same problem and contacted WD support. They give you support for free in the US for 30 days after the first call. Unfortunately, the help was... not helpful. It seems that they don't know much about Apple's operating system. I did get to do few things done. The first one is that the Sharespace (I bought the 4Tb) should be connected to an ethernet hub and not the computer directly. I probably didn't go properly through the instructions BUT I DID NOT CLEARLY SEE THIS MENTIONED ANYWHERE!

    So I connected the WD to my Time Capsule to try to use its ethernet connections as a hub. I also had to disconnect the airport to make sure (according to the help desk instructions) that the connection was hard wired. And I had to make sure that my Safari was receiving cookies (which it was).

    I still cannot ping my drive and I don't like the performance that I am getting. Certainly not satisfied with the help of the WD guys (we stayed on the phone for one hour but...).

    After I got tired and hung up I managed to do the following which I am recommending to you: reset the WD drive (according to WD instructions), connect to the WD (not according to their instructions using the browser/bonjour) but through Finder (where I could see the drive and used the password admin/admin), then went inside the directory CONFIGURATION and clicked on the INDEX.HTML. It will start your browser and you may have to click on the link to direct it to the entry screen. THEN I WAS ABLE TO ACCESS THE SCREEN THEY TALK ABOUT IN THE QUICK START GUIDE. After you register you are going to b able to use the drives.

    I still am not happy as it seems that the NAS is very slow (I have it configured for RAID 5). I can use it but it takes a little bit of time to access even the directory names in FINDER. I also cannot ping it so I believe that there is a problem with the configuration I have. I have now my computer and the WD connected on the hub ports of the Time Capsule but definitely not happy with the support that Western Digital has for Mac users.

    And I am still looking for someone that can help with the right configuration.
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    I am having the same problem as the OP . I'd try MigUSA's solution =-- but I can't even see the drive in Finder. It's more than a little irritating.

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    I'm having a similar issue, although I can login to the web interface fine. My problem is that the only shares I can view from Tiger is the Configuration share. Any other shares, including the default ones (Download & Public) do not show up when I try to connect to the device.

    The shares however do show up when I try to connect from a Windows PC, or from a Mac running Leopard.
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    Hello everyone,
    I had just the same problem as you all and solved it by choosing "connect to server" and connecting to smb://username@ipaddress (where username is the accounts username, ip address can be found in the device manager in the "network" page).
    Hope this could help...