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Every time I try to burn a music CD I get an error 4450 message. I was able to successfully backup all of my music using the itunes backup, but when I then try to burn playlist it keeps saying it cannot burn: "The attempt to burn disc failed. An unknown error occurred (4450).

In the past it would burn a cd here or there and every now and then I'd get that message, but now it happens every time.

I totally uninstalled and then re-installed all of the itunes components and it still won't burn cd's. Any ideas? Thanks

Toshiba Satellite, Windows Vista
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    I also get that error all the time. From my own research, I found out that error 4450 is not new to Apple. This error is code created within iTunes as a safe guard for music transfer. Any time iTunes senses your music being moved from the iTunes library to an external disc other than your system main HDD or a CD burner this error is designed to activate and prevent that action. The reason behind it is; iTunes does not know where and why you are transferring the music and how you intend to use that music.

    With all the politics of music piracy and the bureaucracy behind who owns what rights in terms of music transfer, Apple safeguard what consumers download and with every content downloaded from iTunes are layers upon layers of massive security codes which overlay the music/video file itself. We will all keep on getting this code 4450 for a long time to come.
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    Also the only way error 4450 will allow you to transfer your music to another place other than your hard drive is if you intend to move the music file/video file to an i pod/i phone or other mp3 recognized by i tunes.

    Today, if you try to use itunes to burn music in most cases the itunes software may let you burn one or two discs then lock your burner and cancel any further music transfer and send you the error 4450.

    There is nothing wrong with your burner or your system.

    hope this helps