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Hi Anyone.

I have recently converted over to MAC. Really happy so far. Everything that i used on my PC has come over fine cameras etc. But i have a Samsung mp3 player. I know that itunes does not use anything other than ipod so i was hoping to just drag stuff into the my samsung. When i plugged it in nothing would happen, my mp3 player would say it is connected and charging but the mac would not say anything. Being a novice i stubbled into System profiler, it names my Mp3 player as being in a usb port. So my mac is showing up there but no where else. I would really like to no what to do next. I would like to keep using this Mp3 player for a little while longer and dont want to have to buy another one just yet. Oh and another thing. My friend came round with his cheap as Mp3 player and it worked fine, it showed up in desktop and i could see all his songs and photos and stuff.


Thanks in advance

24" 2.4ghz processor and 1gb memory