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My friend decided to change my wallpaper on my iPhone and then when we made it sleep then wake to view the new wallpaper, the touch screen just stopped working. I cant slide to unlock or anything. i can recieve calls but i cant answer them. I tried holding the sleep/wake button and the home button for tens seconds but that doesn't work. I tried restoring it in itunes and that doesn't work.
The touch came back for like 1 minute today when I pluged it in but then it went away again.

My phone is out of warrenty and this phone was a replacement for another phone whose touch screen went out.

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    Never mind! I brought it to the genius bar and when he was tinkering with it he kept pressing the home and sleep wake button and the screen would flash. He questioned as to why the screen would flash as if it were taking a picture. I told the genius that it was a screen shot feature of the iphone. Haha he was so amazed that even HE did not know this was a feature of the iphone that he would replace my iphone for free even though it was out of warrenty! I thanked him so many times!! Thats why i love apple

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