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I couldn't really find a suitable forum category for the problem I have, but here it is: I got, on 2007 christmas (over a year ago), an iPod Touch. I got some trouble with the home button since about a month now, but nothing too frustrating. However, this morning, the Home button completly stopped working. I restored my iPod, I checked the internet to make sure it wasn't a software problem, doesn't seem like it. I also checked Apple's warranty on the iPod, but I couldn't really find anything that suits my problem. To resume, both my warranty and my Home button are dead.
Is there anything I can do to solve that problem, except buying a brand new iTouch?

Thanks for your help!

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    Unfortunately I cannot help a lot, but I have the exact same problem with my Ipod Touch 1G Home button.
    First, some trouble from time to time, then the home button completely stopped working. It means that the Ipod Touch is working fine on one application, but it is not possible to shift to another (go from "mails" to "meteo" for example) .
    The only thing I can do is then turn the Ipod Touch down by pushing at the same time the on/off (top left) and the home button for several seconds. When I start it again, then I have access to the menu screen, and can choose again what I want to do.
    Not practical, but helps me survive ! I have tried to restore...without success so far !
    Keep me posted !
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    Yeah, I do that too. However, your problem isn't exactly the same as mine, because even when I hold both buttons at the same time, the ipod doesn't close. Means the Home button is completly dead, whatever I do it doesn't work.

    You can probably fix your problem by yourself. Browse Google and Youtube, ask around on the internet, people will surely answer your question. Good luck with that!
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    nope, tried that...
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    I agree that it doesn't sound like a hardware issue. Almost sounds like dirt or something else made it inside the unit from the sides of the button and it's affecting the contact. I can see where a drop might cause this, but you didn't mention anything like that. Without the warranty you're not likely to get it replaced without a service call. I bet you would end up with a new refurb if you paid to have it serviced. Apple would probably want to see if there' a minor engineering defect.


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    I think the best thing to do is just take it to apple genius and ask them for their help. I cant figure out what the actual problem is. To fix it, you need to pay because your warranty has expired.
    Here is a list of the price:

    Good luck!