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My son has downloaded alot of songs for his ipod. Now that I have an iphone,i set up my own apple ID; however, my songs, podcasts, etc. are in the same Itunes library. How can we only sync his songs to his ipod and my stuff to my iphone? He isn't happy with me!

Dell inspiron 530S, Windows XP
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    Use playlists ... thats the only "EASY" way. Or use the GROUPING tag and then use "Smart Playlists"

    If you set all of your own songs to have "Dad's Music" in the Grouping tag you can then create two smart playlists:

    The first will probably look something like this:


    The second will just change "is" to "is not"

    So then both iPods to sync only selected playlists and make sure that is one of the playlists selected for each iPod (yours is the "is", his is the "is not"). You can also select any other playlists or whole folders of playlists, but as long as you keep your playlists and his separate, it will work fine.

    I use a similar method for my own two iPods.