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Advance Happy Martin Luther King Day to all,

Hi guys, I just got myself a 2nd Generation iPod Touch last December 2008. At first it really worked fine, I have never had any problem with it until today. early this morning when I was transferring a movie to my iPod, my PC froze, so what I did is pulled the USB attached to my iPod and I push the little button on my PC to restart it. Then after restarting, i tried to connect my iPod and it gave me an error saying

"One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it."

I tried, restarting my computer, reinstalling my itunes, repairing my itunes, and still it always gives me the same response when I try to connect my iPod. At first I thought that maybe my USB port really has problems and so tried using other ports but it always give me the same results. I even tried to connect my digicam, PSP and webcam and those worked properly, I also tried to run a diagnostic thru my USB ports and it worked well saying that I do not have problems with my USB Ports.

What will I do now? I tried reading here in apple support section but the only thing I found was for the iPod with the Wheel. Please help me fixing my problem.

Thak you soooooooo much.

ASUS, Windows XP
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    I've been trying to fix my own iPod for a while. Different problem but I think this might help.

    Ultimately, if your computer HAS been able to recognise your iPod at one point, it's a driver problem.

    You didn't specify which OS you're using, but I'll assume it's Vista.

    This might help you:

    Download the new version of iTunes
    Save it somewhere on your computer
    UnZip the program using something like WinRAR or The Extractor
    In the folder, locate Apple Mobile Device and double click it
    Remove the program
    Restart your computer
    Re-install the program
    Connect your iPod

    Things should be working now. If not:

    Click Start
    Type Run in the search field
    Type "devmgmt.msc"
    Click OK if you are get a prompt
    Scroll to Universal Serial Buses and look for "Apple iPod" or "Apple Mobile Device USB" or something to that effect. (If it's not there it may be in Imaging Devices or Portable Devices)
    Right click
    Click the Driver tab
    Click Driver Details

    Tell me what you see.
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    Thanks Sinking Higher,

    I already fixed mine, what I did was I just turned off my PC and let it rest for 1-2hours and the after that I connected my iPod and it worked again. According to what I read, that the power in the USB is too low that it cannot support the current needed by iPod. I'm okay now, I really appreciate the help. Thank you for posting.
  • JN Regino Level 1 Level 1
    This issue has been resolved.

    Just let your PC rest for 1-2 hours to regenerate needed power to support the USB Ports.