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Ive been using my iphone for 2 years now with out a problem. Until last week when my battery completely run out (even after the "please plug me symbol" appeared). Now when i plug the iphone to the wall outlet the welcome screen with the apple logo appears but then the screen turns off and nothing happens. This can be repeated as many times as you want but i just wont charge or turn on completely.... Even in my dock station the iphone just keeps turning on and then turns off again....Is this simply a matter of changing the battery or is it a more serious problem since the phone wont boot completely and charge?

Please advice.

Macbook, black
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    I am having the same problem. About a day after, the phone failed to respond at all. I held the home button and sleep/wake button down for 10 seconds. The Apple icon popped up, and then I get a white screen. Nothing happens after that. Plugging into my computer doesn't even recognize it as a USB device. iTunes, of course, doesn't recognize it as connected either.
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    Yup, mine doesnt get recognized when plugged to the USB and Itunes cant pick it up either
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    Sounds like you just need to charge the battery. Leave it plugged into a power outlet (not USB) for a couple of hours to fully charge it. It should turn on after a few minutes of charging from a completely dead battery... mine has in the past. You might also try a reset by holding down the sleep and home buttons until you see the apple logo, ignoring the slider when it pops up - should take 5-10 secs. I wouldn't do this until it's charged a bit though.
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    Tried that too but still no responese from the iphone....I've even left the iphone plugged to the wall outlet for four days and still wont boot....just the welcome apple logo and then the screen just turns off....but you can still see the logo faint in the background as if the phone ran out of power....
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    If you're sure the charging cable and adapter are OK, then I'd suggest a trip to the Apple store if you have one nearby. If not, use Apple's online service to mail it in for repair/replacement. There are also several online shops that repair iPhones.
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    yeah mine is doing this same thing right now.
    im kinda ****** apple isn't on this.

    ..if you found a way to fix it, hit me up

    my phone's been off for 5 days now.
    and this isn't the first time this's happened.
    normally i would plug it into my computer
    or the wall after being ****** up for a couple days
    it would randomly work.

    but it's been a while now
    and my computer also being a gayfer right now.
    so i feel technologically pwned right now.

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    try and take it to apple before warranty is up free battery it u still have
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    Yeah, same problem here. I'm so p*ed. Warranty has expired, and there is no fix available for my phone. Apple "genius" says it's something to do with the "battery being in flux." Translated to customerspeak means that I am out of a phone and out of several hundred dollars. I've had the phone only about 14 months! One day last week I couldn't get the phone to charge and it just died. After taking it to Apple and being told it was basically a worthless piece of hardware, I did some iPhone surgery at home and banged a few things around. Then, magically it started working like normal for a few days. Now, all it does is cycle between a black screen and a black screen with an Apple logo!

    Definitely bring it back if your warranty is still valid!! The Apple dude said he would have just given me a new phone if my warranty was valid! He did offer me the chance to buy a new first edition iPhone for $199 if I wanted but suggested that I buy the new iPhone 3G for the same price! Go figure!!

    Seriously disappointed! I treated this phone perfectly! Not a scratch, dent, crack, etc until I had to pry it open!! I'm done with iPhone for now! I'm waiting for the next Google G2 android to come out! For now, it's back to the old skool razr!!
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    mmmm...finally decided to send it to IRESQ (http://www.iresq.com/) the diagnostic was a bad mother board!!!! costs around $199 in spare parts and labor to get it up and running again...also and while they were at it decided to change the battery just in case.