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I got a new HP wireless printer, but it won't accept my 6 character WEP password. HP says to change it to a 5, 10, 13, or 26 character password. I can't seem to find how to change the password. Going into keychain and changing the network password doesn't take. It seems like it has, but when I go back to it, it's the old password.

Where do I go to change the network password and will I also need to change my Airport Extreme password?

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    Assuming that you have a wireless router that creates the wireless network, you would need to reconfigure that router with a new wireless encryption password.
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    Yes, I have an Airport Extreme base station. I've now changed the password for that using the Airport Utility. But my network has a separate password-- 6 character, that I want to change. It sounds simple enough, but changing it in the Keychain doesn't do it.
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    There are 2 passwords associated with the AirPort Extreme base station (AEBS).

    (1) Password used for controlling access to the configuration settings of the AEBS. This password is only required if you want to access or change the settings of the AEBS via AirPort Utility.

    (2) Wireless encryption password - This password is used when wireless encryption (WEP, WPA, or WPA2) is enabled. This password is required by all wireless clients to access the wireless network.

    Changing items in your Mac's keychain only affects what your Mac uses. It does not change the settings used by the wireless network.
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    Great! Then what I've done is changed the password for the AEBS modifications. But, what I need to do is change the WEP password used for all wireless devices from the current 6 character pw to another of 5, 10, 13, or 26 length. How do I change the WEP password?
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    You use AirPort Utility to access the settings on the AEBS. You then change the password associated with wireless encryption.

    If there a reason that you aren't using the much stronger WPA2 or WPA?
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    I changed the AEBS password by changing it on the Base Station tab of the Utility and "verifying" it. Is that the correct way to change it?
    I would LOVE to change the password to WPA. How do I do that and I assume that would require me to change it on my TiVo box and the other two computers associated with this network?
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    1. Open AirPort Utility.
    2. Select your base station, and then choose Manual Setup from the Base Station menu. Enter the base station password if necessary.
    3. Click AirPort in the toolbar, and then click Wireless.
    4. Choose a password scheme from the Wireless Security pop-up menu.
    5. Enter the password all users will need in order to join this wireless network.

    AirPort Utility 5.1 Help: Password-protecting your wireless network

    ...and I assume that would require me to change it on my TiVo box and the other two computers associated with this network?

    Yes the settings on every device would need to be changed.
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    Eureka! Printer now works... TiVo doesn't but ...
    Thanks for your help!