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i have an older desktop that i occasionally use, and for some reason it didn't have itunes on it anymore. i tried reinstalling it, but it couldn't because it couldn't remove an older version of quicktime.

so i tried installing quicktime, and it couldn't install because it couldn't remove the older version of itself.

so i tried uninstalling it through 'remove programs' in control panel, but it only starts up and then shuts down the removal of quicktime.

the quicktime program must be corrupted or something. does anyone know how to remove it if the uninstall programs aren't working?


sony ucv059xeum, Windows XP
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    I am having the same problem for more than a month and I cannot get any directions from Apple. I had QT Pro installed and it suddenly quit working. I tried many times to uninstall QT looking forward to a reinstall. It has prevented me also from installing iTunes because QT is not working. I cannot interface my iPhone to my primary computer because of the problem. I have been able to get things working thru a laptop but it is a poor substitute.
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    i have this exact same problem and i'm getting very frustrated. i've tried to uninstall quicktime several times to no success. can someone please help me ?
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    Solution for this problem:

    1. Go to C:\Program Files, then delete the entire QuickTime folder.

    2. Click Start - Find/Search - All Files And Folders, select the hard drive ( C: ) to look in, type in QuickTime, then click Find/Search. when the list of files appear, right-click on and delete all the ones that you confirm are associated with QuickTime.

    3. Click Start - Run, type in REGEDIT, then click OK. Click the + in:


    In the Software sub-menu, right-click directly on the Apple Computer entry, then click Delete - Yes.

    (Note: If you click the + in the "Apple Computer" entry, you'll see "QuickTime" listed there)

    After this, just to make sure everything was gone, you go to control panel ->remove programs, and quick time still showed up, but when you click on uninstall, the fatal error message won't show up anymore, and it will be completely removed.

    You must also delete everything that has to do with apple, and ipod, itunes and all of that in the process.

    They also mentioned the program Ccleaner, which you can download from http://www.filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/ after it is installed you go to "tools" and check if Quicktime is there, and try to uninstall it from there.
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    sadly your suggestions did not work. quicktime is gone from the list of installed programs but is still in the control panel. how do i remove it from the control panel ?