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I set it up on my buddy's computer and it was jus fine. Now when I try to sync it w/ my computer the screen shows that it's syncin for a few seconds but then goes back to normal. Does anyone have any idea why this could be and what should I do? I've tried closin and restartin iTunes and even restartin my computer I don't know what to do.

I had an iTouch and not once did I ever encounter a problem.

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    Have you tried re-installing itunes?

    Have you tried a reset?

    Page 34 of the manual:

    "Reset iPhone: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the
    same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears."

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    But won't that erase all my music on iTunes or everythin on the iPhone if I reset?

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    Hello Petapan,

    Welcome to the Discussion Boards.

    First, make sure your iTunes is up-to-date:


    Second, since you made no mention of any alerts or error messages when you connected your iPhone and synced, and you originally setup your iPhone on another computer, it would lead me to believe that you haven't gone through the Music, Video, Podcasts tabs and selected any of the "Sync" boxes. If you had, you should have encountered an alert telling you that the "iPhone is synced to another iTunes Library" and prompting you to erase and sync with your iTunes Library.
    Since the iPhone is designed to work with only one iTunes Library at a time, you will need to let iTunes erase the music/video/podcast/etc. content from your iPhone in order to sync.

    Since you indicated that the iPhone mounts in iTunes successfully and iTunes shows it's syncing for a short time, it would indicate that your PC, iTunes and the iPhone are all getting along together and you just need to make the correct selections to sync the content you want on the iPhone.

    If you have iTunes purchases on the iPhone that were purchased with your iTunes ID, you will want to choose "Transfer Purchases" from the File Menu while logged into the iTunes Store on the PC with your iTunes ID before syncing any media content from your computer.

    If you are going to be syncing contacts with your computer, you will need Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 or Windows Address Book and you will want to open and setup those applications on the computer before you attempt to sync contacts.

    If you are going to be syncing calendars with your computer, you will need Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 and have it opened and setup before syncing:


    These steps should get you up and running. If you encounter any error message, please post the entire error message verbatim for additional assistance.

    Charles H.
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    "But won't that erase all my music on iTunes or everythin on the iPhone if I reset?"