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Hey all,

Purchased a new iMac after my PC fried.

How do I assign the new iMac as the 'main' iTunes library to Synch with? This has me nervous.

I have already shared/uploaded the music and apps into the new iMac iTunes, they are all there, movies and all, but worried if I Synch it, they might disappear or something.

Reason I say this, is that in going to 'synch' movies and podcasts, iTunes said; 'it would erase and refill the iPod, am I sure I wish to do this?' I am leary of deleting all the programs on there incase I might lose things..

Anyone have some comforting advice?


iPod Touch 2.1 and iMac 24inch Flat Screen, Mac OS X (10.5.6), iPod and iMac newlywed
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    ipods can only sync to one library ata time but also only to a mac or a pc not both

    so if you sync now it will erase the ipod but since you have everything already put on the new mac, that stuff will simply transfer back over to the ipod
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    Welcome to the Mac side of life

    First of all backup your itunes library, just in case... But I guess you already use Time Machine to backup data. Make sure you disable automatic sync in itunes. Connect your phone, control-click on the symbol and backup in itunes, transfer your purchases. After the phone is set up by itunes you can sync your data back to the phone. See these articles:
    Backing up and restoring: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1414
    In case you lose some apps, you can download them again for free: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1702
    How to backup media in iTunes: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1382

    Set up one event in your calendar and one contact to make sure you can merge addressbook and calendar

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    Thanks Ingo and VgKing,

    Much appreciated. I will do it. Will definately be syncing to the Mac side.

    I had though I could sync to both WinXP and Mac, but Mac alone if fine.

    I wish I had known about Apples sooner. I cannot believe I have been missing out on all of this the entire time. Glad that I got an iPod Touch which is what really opened my eyes up to Apple.