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Hey all,

Purchased a new iMac after my PC fried.

How do I assign the new iMac as the 'main' iTunes library to Synch with? This has me nervous.

I have already shared/uploaded the music and apps into the new iMac iTunes, they are all there, movies and all, but worried if I Synch it, they might disappear or something.

Reason I say this, is that in going to 'synch' movies and podcasts, iTunes said; 'it would erase and refill the iPod, am I sure I wish to do this?' I am leary of deleting all the programs on there incase I might lose things..

Anyone have some comforting advice?


iPod Touch 2.1 and iMac 24inch Flat Screen, Mac OS X (10.5.6), iPod and iMac newlywed