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Gafro Level 1 (0 points)
I had originally written and published a site with no problems.
However since then I tried to publish my changes and the iweb would show up as "not responding"
I tried other avenues to change my site which at first worked then failed so I deleted the site amd tried to start over thinking that may solve the issue.
It still will not publish merely stops reponding

Just to clarify - I found that I was able to make changes by publishing the iweb to a folder and then uploading the altered files to mobile me. This worked fine to start with but then I added some hyperlinks then uploaded the replacement html pages again - this caused the whole layout to change. This is the reason why I basically deleted the site.
I can still not publish my site now - same problem when I click the publish or publish all it freezes!

imac intel core duo, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
  • Frank Jacob Level 2 (475 points)
    i also cannot publish. when i try to publish i get "unable publish due to an unknown error"!

    i have a version of this site online already but whether i upload it new or update the existing the same thing happens.

    i also tried it from a different computer and got the same error.

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  • Old Toad Level 10 (135,423 points)
    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. A long shot but try the suggestion I posted in this topic: Can't publish to MobileMe after reformat.

  • Frank Jacob Level 2 (475 points)
    thx but this had no effect
    at the moment it doesn't matter what computer i use, or from where i log in. i have no problem logging into mobileme and getting mails etc, the problem is definitely with iWeb, since i cannot even publish to a folder without the same error message. i get a portion of the files published only. the rest, such as galleries, google map page etc is just not there.

    also i now seem to have lost all my other sites that were once at mobile me.

    something bad has happened with this system update i suppose. it's bad timing because exactly today i need to publish this site as the company is at a trade fair...

    any others haviong this problem? any suggestions? the iMac i am using is brand new out of the box with all software updates current. i created a new mobile me account because my existing one was not working. but i have exactly the same problem with the new account and on the new iMac. come on apple get it together!
  • jasonrutz Level 1 (0 points)
    i publish to mobile me and i see it in my idisk on the site. but when i got to 'visit my published site' it says it can't find it??
  • Leo Raymaekers Level 3 (695 points)
    Hello Frank,

    The good thing of all your efforts is that you could determine the problem to iWeb.

    Frank Jacob wrote:
    ... come on apple get it together!

    Well, there are at least 2 more well known issues that you didn't verify yet, at least I didn't see it in your post.

    i get a portion of the files published only.

    This is a clue to these 2 issues: a wrong filename or a problematic widget.

    Go back in history to the point where you had your last successful 'Publish'

    Have a good look at the filenames of the pages you created since then.
    Is a very big chance there is a "wrong" character in the name or 2 spaces..
    With a little bit of luck, when you do a Publish, you can see iWeb hanging on the name
    of the problematic page (not always).

    If it isn't the filename, try selectively remove widgets and do a Publish.
    The moment Publish works, you've found the villain.
    As this tip involves deleting things, make a backup of your domain file first.

    Let me know if these tips don't apply to your situation.
    I still have one radical solution at hand.

    Kind regards,