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I just checked our older PM G4 dual 1.42 and it has an ATi 9700. Does anyone know how much this was as a BTO option when it was released? Thanks.

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    ATI today announced that its flagship RADEON 9700 Pro graphics card is now available as a build-to-order option on Apple's recently announed revamped Power Macs. Customers purchasing a new Power Mac through the Apple online store can select to upgrade from a RADEON 9000 card to a RADEON 9700 PRO card for an additional $300.

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    Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for.
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    One more thing. I'm thinking about selling the card. What are they currently worth? From what I understand, they're pretty hard to come by.
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    Retail vendors of Mac parts ask around $400+. Doubt they sell many.
    On eBay, flashed cards, equivalent to the Mac edition, go for between $100-$150 dollars.
    I see original Mac cards like yours, for sale for between $150-$200. Again, they have stiff competition from flashed card sellers.
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    Actually, flashed PC ATI 9700's have dropped below $100 on eBay now. Unflashed versions average $30-$50 but can be had for as little as $10-$20 with some diligence and luck.

    I may be on the verge of scoring a PC cheapee and would attempt to reflash but for the right price, I'd much rather have the "genuine" article for my lowly G4 Gigabit Mystic
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    Apple did a little magic trick on the OEM 9700...it only works on MDD machines.

    I tried booting one in a QS once and it didn't finish booting.

    if u flash a 9700, u r better off using a hacked 9800 ROM as it will be more functional.

    OEM 9700 is only card that combines ADC and Core Image on a G4. Rare Bird