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Phil J W Moreton Level 1 Level 1
I've got a new mac book pro 15". I've read a few problems about freezing issues, but haven't seen a real solution or of why it happens.

It started today, when i browse, look at emails etc. It freezes sometimes the mouse, sometimes the operating system but not the mouse and sometimes everything, keypad and all. Very Frustrating!!

It takes awhile to restart now too. I believe it started after i installed either Final Cut Pro or Azureus.

Has anyone got any ideas or solutions of why this happens?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Macbook Pro 15", 2gb ram, 2.4ghz, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
Reply by LukeD on Jan 20, 2009 4:21 PM Helpful
Have you tried a SMC reset? Cut Pro requires a lot of space. To avoid hard drive issues, it is very important that you keep 10% to 20% of your total hard drive space free.

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  • LukeD Level 4 Level 4
    Have you tried a SMC reset?

    Final Cut Pro requires a lot of space. To avoid hard drive issues, it is very important that you keep 10% to 20% of your total hard drive space free.
  • Phil J W Moreton Level 1 Level 1
    Hmmm, I've only used 58gb of my 232 gb hard-drive.
    I checked the link above about resetting the smc. But in my case where it freezes and becomes unresponsive it says that it is not recommended to do that.
    _*"Resetting the SMC is not intended for resolution of a stall or situation in which the computer is unresponsive"*_

    Have you had problems with freezing or stalling and general lack of response every now and again?
    Did resetting SMC work?
  • Eric Eskam Level 2 Level 2
    When you say freeze is it freeze as in pause - it eventually works again - or is it freeze as in lock up - you have to hold down the power button and reboot?
  • LukeD Level 4 Level 4
    Thank you for the star!

    I have never had any freezing issues.

    I have only read some cases where a SMC reset has helped your issue. However, freezing issues could be caused by a variety of issues.

    Any further details would be very helpful.
  • LukeD Level 4 Level 4
    I have just noticed that you have changed your signature from Mac OS X 10.5.6 to Mac OS X 10.4.6.

    What version are you running?

    Do you have the unibody MacBook Pro?
  • Phil J W Moreton Level 1 Level 1
    The 10.4.6 was my G5 desktop.
    My Mac book Pro was bought with the new operating system and i have done all the updates to 10.5.6

    Would that change any reason of why it keeps on freezing all the time?
  • Phil J W Moreton Level 1 Level 1
    It is freeze as in pause, it eventually works again. Its like a stalling.
    It hasn't as of yet frozen completely that i would have to reboot.
  • Phil J W Moreton Level 1 Level 1
    Just an update!
    It has got worse!!
    While browsing, not doing anything too intense at all, it froze and i couldn't get into my library or applications. But it did allow me to restart.
    When it booted back on, the desktop background does not display my hd icon or files. Its just a blue background. I can use applications such as this, the dock does appear.

    My good ol' G4 powerbook never did this and never had any problems!

    What shall i do? Does it look like i'll have to take it in for a swap or can anyone suggest something.
    I'll try the SMC idea, and get back to you all! (Hopefully)
  • Phil J W Moreton Level 1 Level 1
    Unfortunatly i don't think SMC has helped. Donno if i did it or not really.
    Took awhile to load up as usual.

    Any feedback or suggestions of what to try or how to test etc. would be very welcomed.

  • LukeD Level 4 Level 4
    At this stage, your best bet is to have an Apple Genius look at it.

    Good luck!
  • Juan Cano1 Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having a similar issue. Have a late 2008 MacBook Pro 15" hooked up to an external keyboard and a mighty mouse, also a 30" Apple Cinema Display. Mouse freezes and does weird things at random, like the button is clicked, and can't switch applications, even if I force quit App., I'm stuck in limbo. Only restart will fix, unplugging and replugging doesn't change anything. Called Apple Care and had me take the battery out and hold power button down then Zap PRAM and nothing.

    Odd thing, mouse froze again. I unplugged it and then got out my bluetooth wireless mighty mouse and then mouse pointer started working correctly again.

    Could this issue be related only to wired mouse?
  • Phil J W Moreton Level 1 Level 1
    Mine is with the MacBook's trackpad, so it can't be. I think it could be a ram problem.
    I have a genius appointment on Saturday, and i'll ring up support to tell them too. I'm looking for a replace.
  • Phil J W Moreton Level 1 Level 1
    _As an update:_
    Spoke to Apple Tech support today, they said it could be down to the Final Cut Pro as it is not compatible with my integrated graphics card, which is a Geforce 9600GT.
    But final cut pro works absolutely fine, starts up and i can edit fine.
    But for the sake of trying to fix my freezing issues, i got rid of all the connecting files to do with final cut pro.
    I also did a repair permissions and repair disk with the Mac osx dvd which Apple tech suggested too.


    Still takes ages to restart and load up, and unfortunately still freezes.
    Will ring again to continue trying to fix the issue.

    Again any help towards this problem would be great, as i know alot of people suffer from it.

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  • Phil J W Moreton Level 1 Level 1
    Tried switching graphics card to see if that might be the problem but unfortunately no luck.

    I have noticed that it does get progressively worse the longer i leave it on or use it. It gets to a point where i have to restart as nothing will open.

    For Example, it won't allow me to open applications folder or library. And when i try to open up a application from the dock it comes up with this error:
    _"This application "Safari" cannot be launched. -36"_

    Anybody know what that means?
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