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Here is what I hope is the final answer to this incredibly prevalent problem, gleaned from a few PARTIAL answers, many USELESS answers, and some trial and error on my part.

You are getting an error message when trying to sync MP4 movies to your iPhone using iTunes. (sorry I can't repeat the error message, I can't seem to restore the warning dialog that I turned off)

Add the desired movie to the movies area of your iTunes application (you have already done this if you are receiving this error)

From the list view, select (regular click to highlight) the desired movie.

From the "Advanced" menu (NOT from right click as has been suggested many times), select "Create iPod or iPhone version"

Now you will wait for a long time. A progress bar will show the conversion in process.

When done, you will have two copies of the movies. One in the original location, and one in your iTunes movie folder. The newly created one will sync to your iPhone.

To determine which is the new movie either
1) Add "Date modified" to your list view by right clicking on the column headings in the movies list panel,
- or -
2) Right click on either of the lines and choose "Get Info" to view the name of the folder. Delete the one which is not the newly converted one. Hopefully this will only delete it from your movie list, not from your media. That's how it worked for me. If it asks if you want to move it to the recycle bin, you may have deleted the wrong one.

After it is done, attach and select the iPhone device. Go to the video tab and scroll down to "movies". Check/uncheck the appropriate boxes for your movie(s) and hit "apply". Your movie(s) should now properly sync the phone.

You do NOT need new software (for an MP4 movie)
"Convert to iPhone" is NOT on the context menu
Itunes will lock up for part of this process

Lenovo, Windows Vista