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I don't know what happened. but I am beginning to think apple is ripping me and everyone off.

I don't know why I paid about 200-300 dollars for this iPod to be frozen or not turn on anymore!

When I downloaded Currency converter pro, it just froze my ipod.

Either it's that problem, or something is wrong.

I never dropped it in water or anything bad.


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    Have you've tried holding down the power button for several seconds?
    If so and you're still getting nothing you may have to do a hard restore.

    here's how to do it on Mac OS:

    1. Connect you're iPod to the computer with the sync cable, and open iTunes.
    2. Hold down the power and home buttons for 10seconds, then release the power button (continue holding the home button for about another 6-8 seconds). iTunes should display a message stating that the iPod is in restore mode and needs to be restored before it can be used (or something to that effect).
    3.Hitting the restore button will likely give an error message. You'll need to hold down option and click the restore button, which will bring up a file browser. Navigate to *<your user name>/Library/iTunes/iPod Software Updates/* and choose iPod2,12.2.1_5H11aRestore.ipsw (or similar ipsw file depending on your ipod, or iphone, generally choose the newest one) and click open.
    4. Wait for it to restore, when that's finished you should be able to further restore it using the backup that was generated when you last synced it.

    I have never done this on windoze, but I imagine it's quite similar, just not sure where you'd find the ipsw file.