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I applied the QT 7.6 update to my Tiger Server (all other updates already applied). Now ServerAdmin launches but will not connect to my server after I supply my credentials, and I cannot start mail (which I had shut down before the update) from the command line either -- it just hangs.

  • Alan Sill Level 1 Level 1
    Seems that the Serial Number daemon was receiving messages at too great a rate, and hence could not allow access to serveradmin functions.

    By rebooting and issuing the command before the 3-second delays could set in, I was able to start mail. After a few minutes, the messages in the log file for the Serial Number daemon stopped and I am able to get in via the ServerAdmin GUI tool also.

    Not sur if this was a spam attack on the serial number daemon port, or a problem with the QT7.6 update.