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I have one PC running Vista, and two macs running 105.6 and 10.5.5 respectively. The macs connect wirelessly to a wireless router, then by wire to an ethernet switch. The switch has the PC and a network printer attached.
I've installed Bonjour on the PC, using the latest 32 bit application which is correct for the hardware. The PC is using Miranda for text messaging on the LAN.
The printer works fine.
All three computers can see each other.
The macs can Send a text message to the PC, but only the 10.5.5 Mac can receive mail from the PC.
Firewall on both Macs is allow incoming connections.
My question: what do I have to do to let the PC send a message to the 10.5.6 Mac?
I've made the settings on both Macs identical. No joy.
I've futzed with this off and on for over two months.
It's probably a simple something I'm overlooking.
Any thoughts?

Quicksilver 2002, Mini 1.83, Mac OS X (10.5.3)