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Hi -
I have been reading the boards for a couple of hours now, and I'm pretty sure I've tried all the suggestions for this problem, and still no luck. I've reset my iPod several times, run permissions repair on my Mac, verified the hard drive, even restored my iPod and reinstalled iTunes (8.0.2) on my iMac (10.5.6). I have two iPods and an iPhone, and they're all working fine when connected to my laptop. But when any one of them is connected to the iMac, iTunes seems to launch but the window never shows up and the beach ball is spinning in the menu area. The iPod doesn't show on the desktop either. What's strange is that a couple of times it did show up on the desktop but I got the "this iPod is not recognized" message. I've never been able to eject the iPod correctly; I have to disconnect by unplugging it even though the iPod itself is saying "do not disconnect".
Any ideas as to what to try next? This is maddening!

MacBook Air, iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.6)