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I am unable to delete tracks imported from CDs from my iTunes playlist. When I select any such track, pressing the delete key has no effect, and the "delete" option in the Edit menu is grayed out. I can delete tracks purchased from the iTunes store, no problem. Any suggestions?

PC, Windows XP Pro, 64 bit edition
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    Are you perhaps trying to delete from a Smart Playlist? Smart Playlists have a purplish-colored icon with a "gear" symbol. You cannot remove specific tracks from a Smart Playlist; rather, you have to exclude items by altering the rules of the playlist.

    To delete a track completely from iTunes, go to the main iTunes library listing ("Music", first entry under "Library") and you should be able to delete the tracks there.

    Hope this helps.
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    I had the same problem and uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes 3 times to get rid of an album I was experimenting with (as far as getting it to load into iTunes into a playlist) and I could not delete it from iTunes. Didn't want it off my computer, just off iTunes. It kept coming back each time I reinstalled and it was one I had loaded onto my computer from a CD. I then moved the file folder to another area of the computer, uninstalled iTunes and reinstalled it. That album showed up once again in the list but would not play, obviously, because I had moved its location. Thank you Dave for that explanation that should be in iTunes help files.