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Mail sometimes attaches attachments (eg PDFs) as icons, and sometimes attaches as images in the body of the mail message. This is not what I want. I want the attachment to go as an icon that the recipient will get and be able to use the appropriate application to open it. Why does Mail work inconsistently? How do I get it to send the attachment properly (ie as an icon with an attached app type)?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), Mail 2.1.3
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    Hi tahm77, and a warm welcome to the forums!

    How are you attaching them, drag & drop, or by file selection?
  • Frederick Avolio Level 3 Level 3 (935 points)

    Are you sure that they are being SENT as images in line?

    In Mail, if you attach a PDF or image (photo, etc.), Mail will display it in your Mail creation window if it can -- whether you drag it or use Attach Image. But, it gets sent as an attachment.

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    Ah, good question. I've been using the paper clip file selection. But drag and drop also seems to result in an image in the body of the mail (just tried it).
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    I do believe that one page jpgs, one-page pdfs, one page gif, etc., will be displayed by Mail as an embedded inline image. Multi-page jpgs/gifs/pdfs, will display as a jpg/gif/pdf icon (at least that has been my experience). But to the best of my knowledge, this is strictly a function of the capabilities of the viewing mail client. What you send that appears as an inline embedded image may, in fact, only display as an attachment icon at the receiver -- or it may not -- depending totally on what mail client the receiver is using
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    Well, the come back to me in Mail (doing a test mail to myself) as images. Apparently. But if I save the attachments, you are right, they save as files.
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    Yes, this seems to be the case. What Mail shows, I thought was an image, because it treats some attachments differently than others, but maybe that's based on file size, or number of pages...

    Thanks to everyone for your help.
  • Frederick Avolio Level 3 Level 3 (935 points)
    Yes. Mail will display if it can. You'll still see that it us an attachment because under the headers is that word Attachments and an option to Save.

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    I also continually get email replies from PC users (most using Outlook and they say it's up to date) that they see my images in the body of their email but can't find where the actual attachment is.

    Yet my Mail email shows the JPEG as an attachment

    It doesn't seem to be a file issue as sometimes I send pics right from iPhoto and I KNOW they are simple JPEGs.

    Some folks even after I recommend they simply click on the image (right click?) and send it to their desktop or whatever destination folder are continually frustrated.

    Any ideas?

  • Frederick Avolio Level 3 Level 3 (935 points)
    I also continually get email replies from PC users

    Continually? Tell them to stop it!

    Sounds like an Outlook problem, but make sure you have "Send Windows friendly attachments" set.