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rreyes3000 Level 1 (0 points)
With over 48000 songs, itunes loads very slow. Thinking it my be my pc I loaded it onto a new pc and get the same results. Is there anything I can do to getit to load under 5 seconds at least?

Windows XP
  • camoracer Level 5 (4,270 points)
    Probably not. As the library gets larger iTunes will load slower. For me it even worse as I store the files on network drive which slows down the startup even more.
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    Dear Apple,

    I need to complain about the same problem. I have 1/10th the songs in i-Tunes (~4800) and I cringe every time I want to start the program. The same delay happens anytime I load or switch a CD to import a song.

    Google can load a billion links in a blink; can't you load a millionth of this info in the same amount of time? Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

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    Dear iGod,

    I need to eat crow. I found the trouble with my PC was mapped drives that no longer exist or exist on a corporate network. I converted all my mapped locations to favorites and then disconnected them. Now iTunes loads easily 10 times faster.

    My apologies,
  • Katrina S. Level 7 (24,095 points)
    iTunes can also load really slow if antivirus software is scanning the itunes folders & files. iTunes updates its XML file about every 10-15 seconds while you're playing music, so if Norton or something else is scanning it, you can have problems besides the library loading slowly.

    The ITL library file is a LOT smaller in iTunes 8.1 and loads more quickly.