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Valb16 Level 1 Level 1
I was wondering if it was possible to delete all contacts at once from the IPhone 3G. All the answers I could find to that question were possible only if you owned a MAC, I don't owned a MAC and the contacts on my IPhone are from my Sim card. Is there any way to delete all my contacts at once???

PC, Windows Vista
  • DaVBMan Level 6 Level 6
    Best bet is to just sync with your computer. Before sycning there is a checkbox on the tab that says (replace all on phone with what is on computer) thus it deletes all on phone and doesn't try to merge the two.
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    Why do you want to delete them? Do you plan to leave the iPhone with no contacts? I ask because if you goal is to replace the contacts on the iPhone with the contacts on your PC, that's easy - in iTunes with the iPhone connected and selected in the devices list, click the Info tab and scroll down to Advanced Options. There's a box you can check to Replace the data on the iPhone with the contacts from the PC.
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    I dont plan on leaving my IPhone with no contacts. I have 2 sim cards and put the wrong one in my IPhone so I synced the wrong contacts... And when I switch the sim cards and sync the good ones, it just adds to my contacts. So I end up with 300 contacts... And half of them are useless
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    It didn't work but thanks anyways...
    I guess I'll just have to delete them all by hand :S
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    Hello Valb16,

    neuroanatomist has provided some good information. When you say "it didn't work" it may be possible that a previous sync merged those contacts to your computer. Afterwards, even though you chose the "replace contacts" option under the Advanced settings, the contacts were already on the the computer and just synced back to the iPhone.

    Check your contact-management program (Outlook 2007, Outlook Express or Windows Contacts) to see if the contacts are already there. If they are, select them all and delete them in that program.
    You can edit the contacts and just keep the ones you want, but when you import from the second SIM, you may end up with duplicates.
    If you delete them all from the contact-management program, create at least one contact afterwards.
    With the iPhone disconnected from the computer, open iTunes.
    From the Edit Menu, select Preferences.
    Select the Devices Tab.
    Put a check in the "Disable automatic syncing for iPods and iPhones" box.
    Close the Preferences window.
    Connect the iPhone.
    Once the Summary page for the iPhone opens, go to the "Info" tab.
    In the Advanced section at the bottom, put a check in the Contacts box.
    Click the "Apply" button -- this should remove any unwanted contacts from the iPhone.

    If that doesn't work (and there's no reason it shouldn't that I'm aware of) and you're familiar enough with your computer to create a new Admin User.

    Login to the new User - don't switch users, but logout and login to the new user.
    Launch your contact-management program and create at least one new contact.
    Launch iTunes - it will open as if it's never been used, so you'll need to go through the initial setup.
    Go to the iTunes Preferences as mentioned above and check the "disable automatic syncing for iPods and iPhones" box.
    Connect the iPhone.
    The only item under the Info tab you want to have selected is Contacts (with the correct contact-management program selected).
    In the Advanced section, choose to replace Contact info as mentioned before.
    Just to be sure, go through the Music, Photos, Podcasts, Videos, etc. tabs and make sure none of the Sync boxes are checked.
    Click the "Apply" button to sync.

    Check the iPhone, it should only have the one test contact on it.

    You can then logout from the new User account and delete it via the User Accounts Control Panel.

    If, just by chance, these steps do not work, you may need to reinstall iTunes:


    If all of the above do not resolve the issue, post the results of the suggested steps and any error messages you may have encountered.

    Charles H.