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When I installed tiger on my iMac I chose the option to install OS 9 drivers on the HDD so I am able to boot into OS 9, all I need is a bootable OS 9 folder! The OS 9 folder currently installed was created by the classic environment installation that came with my Tiger install dvds, however I notice in the readme for the software it says one cannot boot from these folders.

I presume it is because it lacks a few extensions that would otherwise be necessary for the system to boot without problems. I just wondered if anyone in the know had a definitive list of what files I would need to make it bootable. I do have OS 9.0.4 install discs and all the os 9 updates, but rather than use that to install a folder and go through the bother of updating it (and some of the updates install software I don't want - it is somewhat annoying to install 9.0.4 and have a large degree of customization over what is actually installed, only for the os 9.1 update or whatever to ignore any previous selections and install all the software I didn't want anyway).

What I wanted to do is use tomeviewer to open the os 9.2 and 9.2.2 updates to locate whatever files it is I need for the system to be bootable then stick them in the "non-bootable" classic install. I'm guessing, mostly all I need is the graphics card extensions.