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Question: Accidently Deleted iPod Touch Driver

I recently reformatted my computer and lost all of my old music. In an attempt to recover this music, I was going to delete the iPod touch driver from my computer and reregister it to act as a USB Mass Storage device. I did this, and then realized you (Apple) encrypt the iPod somehow to act as if the amount of free space you have left is all the drive actually holds. This is clever, I guess. I don't really care about the music anymore though, I really just want to be able to sync my iPod to my computer once again.

The problem is this: with the driver deleted, whenever I hook my iPod up to my computer an autorun comes up that asks if I'd like to view the files or just close the window. The driver never installs, and thus it never reads in iTunes. I have attempted to reinstall iTunes twice, and after I did all this I then lost the functionality of my Sleep/Wake button my iPod. It is not jailbroken and it has the latest update offered by Apple. It has no third-party software and is legit, but no longer has a Sleep/Wake button and will not sync to my computer. Today I'm going to run a video until the battery completely dies then see if I can have the functionality of the Sleep/Wake button back, if not I'll open a technical support thread.

In this thread though, I ask this: how do I get the driver back so I can once again use iTunes with my iPod? Ignore all other problems I have mentioned, this is my main concern for the moment.

Dell Vostro 1500, Windows Vista, I know, I know. I don't like Vista either.

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Question: Accidently Deleted iPod Touch Driver