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A user in our office (MacBook Pro, v10.5.6) is having difficulty viewing and creating PDF files. To wit:

--Opening a PDF file results in a morass of symbols throughout.
--Opening a PDF file may show exclamation points substituted for tab characters.

Some other files appear to be just fine using Preview, and occasionally the latter of the two above will open and appear to be just fine and dandy. The files appear to be just fine on another Mac.

The two files appear correctly when viewed with Adobe Reader 9.0.


--Creating a PDF file may result in exclamation points substituted for tab characters.

I tried a full system software archive and luck.

I tried deleting the Adobe Reader and Preview preferences luck.

I dragged and dropped a copy of Preview (v4.1) from my computer to luck.

I created a Second User, and the previously mangled PDF files open and appear to be just fine. I can also create PDF files that are true to their source document (no exclamation points for tab characters). I did only limited testing of this; however I did use the files above and created a new PDF file using the original source document. No problems.

I don't believe this is a missing font problem.

So that makes me think there's something wrong in the user's home directory with Preview and the PDF creation process. Some preference file or something.

Before I go ahead and move my data over to a new home directory...

1. Has anyone seen this before?
2. Has anyone fixed this before?
3. How do I know which files to move to the new home directory and which (corrupted ones) to leave behind..if that indeed is the fix?
4. How do I know that the creation problem doesn't extend beyond this user, and that I wasn't just lucky when Second User's PDF-created file was fine?


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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