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Hello, all.

I'm working in a company that develops software for mobile operators, such as SMSC, USSDC, Customer care, Billing, etc...
One of our products is Cell Broadcast center.

Our clients use Cell Broadcast to give different services to their subscribers, such as location based discounts. For example, in some areas with low traffic a cell broadcast message is broadcasted - "Discount 20%". The subscribers see such messages on their phone and prefer to call from "cheaper" areas.

The problem is that these messages are not displayed on iPhone.
I've checked through all menues on iPhone and iPhone 3G, and couldn't find anything like "Cell Info Display" \ "Cell Broadcast" (like on Nokia phones), "Channels" (like on windows mobile Samsung), "Info services" (like on Motorola) or anything like this.

At the same time I know that iPhone is able to receive Cell Broadcast messages, since it's able to receive data on sim-card related cell broadcast channels (such as 1000h) and pass it to sim-card.

So my question is - can Iphone be configured to receive ordinary text Cell Broadcast messages (on channels 0-999) and show them on the title screen or in Messages (Mail) menu ???

Maybe there is some "secret code" to enable cell broadcast (like the one used to change SMSC address on iPhone) ???

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