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Does anyone know what Firewire chipset is used in the current Mac Mini? Or if any of the previous versions used a TI (Texas Instruments) firewire chipset?

I want to drive some digital audio gear from a Mac Mini via Firewire, and there appear to be notorious compatibility problems with non-TI chipsets, especially the Agere/Lucent ones.

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Mini (PPC), MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    I would contact the manufacturer of the said devices and ask them which Mac Minis they have successfully tested their hardware on.
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    The answer is unfortunately Lucent - I just checked one in my nearest Apple store, by doing a Command+S on boot.

    Mac Mini (Core 2, Jan 2009):
    'FireWire (OHCI) Lucent ID 5811 built-in now active, GUI 0022241fffeff3b7e6; max speed s400.'

    Mac Mini (PPC, old):
    'FireWire (OHCI) Apple ID 31 built-in now active, GUID 001451fffe0a2400; max speed s400.'
    This is actually an Apple 'Intrepid' and uses a Lucent PHY, according to the Apple PHYTool 2.9

    My old (Lucent chipset) PPC Mini exhibits big problems working with my FireWire audio interface (TI chipset, TC Electronic Konnekt 24D), whilst my old (TI chipset) MacBook Pro works fine.

    It looks like I'll have to switch to a PC (e.g. Mini-ITX) for this application.

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    What about the New Mac Mini just released in March 2009...

    Which Firewire chipset does it use?