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My hard drive recently crashed, and I lost all of my photos. I had my music backed up on an external, but skipped backing up my iPhoto Library (bad move). I still have all of my photos on my 80GB iPod Classic, but I need to recover them to put on my computer. Does anyone know how to get my photos from the iPod to the computer? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

iMac G5 (iSight), Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Hey there,
    There are several free applications out there that will also pull the photos from your iPod onto your computer. One of those is iPod to PC transfer. Works great. Give it a try or go ahead and search around for one of your own. Good luck. One thing to keep in mind is that the photos have been optimized to fit your iPod's screen and will not be the same size as the original files were on your computer. Hope this helps.


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    Are there any others, as this one works for PC's and I am trying to recover contacts and ical events that are stranded on my ipod nano after my Macbook hard drive crashed. I was able to recover songs using Senuti, but have not found a way to get photos, ical events, etc off of the ipod nano.
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    If you copied photos to your iPod using the full resolution option, enable disk use, open your iPod in Finder, open the photos folder then open the "full resolution" folder and drag the photos out of that folder to your desktop. For enabling disk use look here.

    Disk Use.

    If you only copied the photos as thumbnails, you can't do this so you'll need a program such as this one.

    iPod Photo Liberator. (both Mac and Windows versions available)

    Photos as thumbnails won't be of the original quality when copied back to your computer.

    For your contacts:

    1. Make sure iPod is set up to be used as an external hard disk (as above).
    2. Connect iPod to your computer. The iPod appears as a hard disk on your desktop or in a Finder window.
    3. Open the iPod hard disk.
    4. Open the folder named "Contacts".
    5. Find the vCard for the contact you want to move.
    6. Drag the vCard to the desktop.