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Xandris Level 2 (160 points)
Last week, I installed Windows 7 on my MacBook using the Bootcamp software from Apple. I partitioned the drive using the Wizard and proceeded to load Windows. I only messed with it for a few hours and then decided to reclaim the drive space and delete the Windows 7 partition. Since then, I cannot boot to OSX without holding the option key and selecting the Macintosh HD from the menu. The Windows bootcamp option is not there, just the Mac HD. If I dont hold down the option key to select it, the computer boots to a black screen with blinking cursor and says no boot device is installed. I have seen this before with Windows computers to an extent, but that is just a simple fix by modifying the boot.ini file. This seems to be a similar issue, but I cant find anywhere in the startup options to delete the bad boot file. I already tried repairing disk permissions and that didnt help. Any help for the Mac nub?

Aluminum MacBook 13', Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    In System Preferences, click "Startup Disk" and highlight Macintosh HD then try rebooting.

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    Let me first say, that I feel really stupid. I KNOW that I actually LOOKED at that, and thought about doing this, but I also didnt see any other options. I assumed that the Macintosh HD was defaulted already and didnt attempt to try this.

    Secondly, I didnt realize until AFTER I posted, that I clearly listed this question in the WRONG forum. Thank you for helping me anyways. Again, I felt pretty dumb here too.

    Thirdly, Thank you bunches. Since I immediately tried this and it took all ove 2 mins to solve. I appreciate the help. Points for you!
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    Glad it was such an easy fix for you! The obvious answers are most often the ones we miss. I didn't notice you posted in the wrong forum as I just browse the main "MacBook" forum =p

    Thanks for the star

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    Oh thank you so much! I was trying to install windows xp sp3 on my mac and you have to have boot camp 2.1 in order to do that and you have to have windows installed to do that. and i had just bought it so i had tried it on my mac book so i could take it to the store i bought it from so they could help me with it, and they gave me the sp2 disc so it would work. And i didn't originally want xp on my mac book, so i deleted the partition and i came into the white screen and no boot error. I had googled it and people said the apple doesn't have any solutions when you call. So thanks

    Thanks so much!