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Hey everybody, I know there are similar questions around but no answer, Now. IR port is not receiving the signal(I verified the remote and its working),also my sleep light is solid white ALL the time when macbook is on. It doesn't pulsate when sleeping either. Anybody with similar symptoms? is it possible the something got in this corner were they are located or disconnected?

White McBk 2Ghz 160G HDD 1.256Gb RAM, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    The same thing happened to me in November. I ended up taking apart the bottom case and using a hair dryer on low heat to dry out any condensation in the light area. At first, when I put the computer back together, no change, but after a night turned completely off, the sleep light pulsed properly again. However, I am still unable to use my Apple Remote. I changed the battery tested it by aiming at the camera in Photo Booth, and the remote works. The IR sensor, however, does not show up in my System Profiler. Does it show up in yours? I'm looking around the forums to see if anyone knows how to get the computer to re-acknowledge that it HAS an IR sensor.

    For instructions on how to take apart your Macbook (and only do it if you're really confident):