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Has anyone noted this problem and knows a solution? I recently installed Time Capsule and am still waiting for the inital backup to finish. I use a bluetooth (Apple wireless) keyboard and mouse. I noticed erratic behavior of my mouse, seems to have slowed down and is not totally under my control, at least while the backup is ongoing.

Also, does anyone who has ever completed the initial backup or subsequent backups know if a completed message appears? Otherwise, where do I go to confirm that everything I may someday need has been copied. I completed (I think) the initial backup on my Macbook and no message appeared.

Last point, any info on using a hub in the one USB port of TC will be helpful.

Regards from the Eternal City, Joe

IMAC, Mac OS X (10.5.6), Installed Time Capsule 27 Jan 09
  • Smokerz Level 6 Level 6 (9,365 points)
    The TC USB port supports power usb hubs. I have used a Belkin 7 port power usb hub and have attached three LaCie Quadra external hard drives with no issues.
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    Smokerz.....you resolved one of my issues. The 4 port hub I was using was not a powered hub. I also have a Belkin 7 port power USB hub, which I will use from now on. Many thanks. Joe
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    One by one your issues will be addressed! You get no message that the initial backup is complete. If you go into the Time Machine System Preference (or click the Time Machine menubar item in the top right) it will note the time of the last completed backup. It will say 'Never' if none have been completed.

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    I have that erratic behavior of the mouse, MightyMouse.
    I think is a interference between the airport and the bluetooth radio