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hi, i'm having this annoying issues with the phone, every time i place a call i get this message saying call forwarding active on the screen.

I know it's a carrier thing as i'm using my phone on "3" australia and people on telstra don't get that message.

I also know is due to the call waiting an while the phone is trying to dial the number it won't receive any calls, so this message comes up... but, really? do you really need to know that the call fwd is active???

I've seen some posts saying if you jailbroke your iphone you can fix it by editing a file on the iphone. I don't want to jailbrake the phone, i like it as it is... everything works...

there was also a different way of doing it by dialing ##002# but that will deactivate all call diverts meaning that your missed calls won't go to mail box, or busy calls wont sound the bip, and so on... so this is also not an option.

I know that the message goes away after a few seconds, but it's a pain when you miss dial, and you need to click dismiss than hang up... specially when are you driving...

Does anyone know a proper way to turn this thing off? as i don't need to know this call fwd is on... just do it on the back ground like any normal phone would do, or just show it on a top corner without having to click the dismiss button...


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    Hi- Don't have an iPhone yet. Reading discussions to see issues, but for what it's worth, I get the same message on my regular Razr phone. It's a recnet occurance and annoying as it is, can't get rid of it. I'm in New York, so it's not a regional thing. Good luck