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Sorry if this has been asked before. I tried a search and didn't come up with anything. Anyway, I'm about to swap my 8GB iPhone 3G model with a 16GB iPhone 3G model and I'm wondering how that impacts the apps, activiation, etc. I'm going to give my old phone to one of our employees. Questions:

1. Will the new phone automatically activate when I put in my SIM and sync to iTunes?

2. Will the old phone need to be reactivated if I put in his SIM?

3. What happens with the apps I download? Do they transfer over to the new phone and deleted off the old one?

Sorry, I'm new to this iPhone and iTunes stuff...

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    The SIM card is 'married' to the IMEI of the phone - contact AT&T (or just go into a store) to arrange the SIM swap.

    Apps are linked to your iTunes Store account and synced from iTunes - they will be transferred from your computer to the new phone (and deleted from the old one when that's synced with a different computer).