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Hi, I am writing because I recently purchased (not really about two months ago) purchased a Macbook Pro. Now I have had this problem since the week after I bought my computer. I never brought it in because, well it was a present from my father and it seemed kind of like, I felt like scared because since it did cost 2,000$ I was scared to tell him. (I am younger than 16, so I have grounds to be scared.) So the problem is there is a loud noise that sounds like a messed up fan, but its sadly not, it comes from the top left of my computer. Next to the speaker spot, I don't even use my computer. It's like Manufacture settings because since it was broken I never wished to use it. So basically the noise is to the point where I would rather keep the computer off than turn it on. Now I am willing to do anything to get it fixed. I just wish I could use it without having to hear this noise.

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.6), Sony Vaio