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Hello Apple.... Are you there Apple?
I have this shiny new MacBook, but I can't elegantly plug it into my HDMI TV.
Make the cable. Get it on the shelf.
Tardiness and neglect make for agro customers..... Grrrrrr....

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    I was amazed when I found that I could not connect my new MacBook to my TV via HDMI, I have been able to do this for years with my Dell laptop?!?!?!
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    Give the third parties some time to get around to this--the eventual miniDP>HDMI cables will be cheaper than what Apple would produce anyway.

    In the meantime, miniDP>DVI adapter connected to a DVI>HDMI cable works perfectly for me on my 37" LCD TV. Total cost--about $35.
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    Just so you know, you are not talking to Apple here, just a bunch of users like yourself. To leave feedback, go to [this link|http://www.apple.com/feedback/macbook.html].

    Best of luck.
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    Right just posted the following message to Apple via the above link:

    Hi, I recently "converted" from a Dell laptop running Windows Vista to a shiny new Aluminium 13" MacBook. In general I have been very pleased with the experience and really love OSX and the MacBook. The one disappointment is that I cannot now attach my laptop to my Sony TV via HDMI which I was able to do with the Dell and Windows. I cannot find any Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI cables. There are some suggestion on the internet that I could use a Mini-DP to DVI cable and then another DVI to HDMI cable to plug into the TV, but this seem a poor option as DVI does not carry sound. The thing I really don’t understand is why the latest and greatest laptops available don’t have an easy option to connect them to the de-facto standard input on all new HD TV’s, which is HDMI?
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    Can we please stop complaining about hardware features that we all knew were present when we purchased these computers? Sure, HDMI on the Macbook would have been nice, but is it really that much of a hassle to connect a DVI>HDMI cable to the miniDP>DVI adapter? As far as audio goes, i run my audio through an ancient receiver anyway, so the addition of a separate audio cable doesn't bother me.

    Seriously--enough with the "where's my HDMI?" and "where's my Firewire?" posts.

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    ...this seem a poor option as DVI does not carry sound.

    Neither does the mini-DisplayPort. You won't get audio through this port even Apple made a mini-DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.

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    i switched from my macbook pro to the late 2008 macbook. i have been wanting to get the mini display port to HDMI too. there is a company called monoprice and they said they will have this cable available end of January for about $10.00, but i am still waiting.

    check out this linke

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    Bangsnap wrote:
    Can we please stop complaining about hardware features that we all knew were present when we purchased these computers?

    Technically I didn't buy the thing - my wife bought it as a Christmas present!

    The point I was trying to make is why make a computer with all the facilities to play media, but with no "out of the box" facility to connect it to most if not all new HD TV's? Its would be in Apples interest to do so - if you were looking at specs of a PC verses a Mac and saw the Mac had no "obvious" HDMI facility you may choose the former. Not everyone is geeky enough to appreciate the benefits of a Mac.

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    Monoprice do have a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter coming but it's been pushed to March now:
  • j Robson Level 1 (115 points)
    not only they pushed it out from 1/31 to 3/15. the price also went up from $9.99 to $14.99
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    Thanks for the info about MonoPrice offering this cable around 3/15.
    Next time Apple updates their lappy lineup I will pay attention to ports, both added, and taken away.
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    Be very keen to know whether audio is coming out of the mini-dp port ... hopefully someone will buy the monolink cable soon after 15th March and tell us all !!
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    There is no audio coming out of the Display Port... it is well documented and noted by apple tech support.

    I'm guessing it is just a way for the to differentiate the AppleTV from the MacMini. And it makes it that much harder to call the MacMini a stereo appliance. There is obviously a reason AppleTV does not allow web-based TV shows... probably the same reason they are making a device that does allow them, that much harder to connect to your TV. Read: I wouldn't expect a software update enabling sound via the Display Port.

    Amusingly, when I told Apple Tech Support that they should have noted on product page that Display Port would not pass sound, their response was, "We want to focus on things the product does do, not things it doesn't do." LOL.