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Hey all,

We had some power surges here yesterday, and even though my iMac was turned off at the time, it has still been affected.

When I turn my iMac on, it gets stuck on the grey Apple screen with the loading bar spinning around.

I have tried resetting pram and booting from my install disk.

When I boot from my install disk to repair my drive, Disk utility lists my HDD as 'WDC WD2500JS-40TGB0 Media' and does not have the usual 'Macintosh HD' listed underneath it. Because of this, it will not allow me to verify/repair my disk.
When 'WDC WD2500JS-40TGB0 Media' is selected in Disk Utility, down the bottom it informs me that S.M.A.R.T. Status is Verified.

What should I do? Is my HDD gone? Should I just restore from Time Machine (I would prefer not to do this as only my essential files have been backed up)?


iMac 24", Mac OS X (10.5.6)